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A graphic novel memoir co-written by Arn Anderson detailing his life leading to -- and then forever changing -- professional wrestling.

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Hey... thank you!
11 months ago – Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 02:33:48 AM

I just got done sending a message to Arn...

Hey all!

 I just got done sending a message to Arn a few minutes ago congratulating him on the *AMAZING* first day of this campaign... and I then realized that I should also send a quick note to all of YOU, too.

THANK YOU for making the first nine hours of this campaign absolutely amazing! We surpassed $10,000 in pledges in the first four hours alone, and as I type this we're getting closer and closer to the $20,000 mark that will both secure the publication of this book and also start unlocking the free Stretch Goal bonuses and upgrades that will be included for free with every pledge level that includes a Hardcover Edition of the book.

(A few of you have already been asking if you can get the books signed, etc, to which I will only say this: I think you'll be really happy when you see the Stretch Goals we have lined-up for this campaign. Heh.)

That being said, here's a few other quick notes:

  • As per the request of several of you, yes, you can add a lithograph/shirt/extra book to your pledge level, and I explained how in a FAQ post on the main page. In short, just add the amount of the item to your existing pledge, and you'll then be able to add the item to your pledge when the campaign ends in the BackerKit (which is like a virtual shopping cart). Make sure to add the funds for the extra items now (or before the campaign ends), as several of these items will be Kickstarter Exclusive and not available after we close out the campaign.
  • If you'd like to share the details about this campaign with friends or in social media groups you're a member of (remember, the more people who pledge, the more we all get in Stretch Goal upgrades), please share the link with them. You can use this graphic, too, if you'd like:

Again, on behalf of our whole team and our publisher Source Point Press -- THANK YOU for your support, everyone!

Keep spreading the word about the campaign, because the more people who pledge, the more we will ALL get as we start unlocking Stretch Goals!

Thanks, everyone!

Your friend in comics,

Dirk Manning